Tim Noble & Sue Webster

 Tim Noble & Sue Webster  Tim Noble and Sue Webster are London-based artists whose work combines assemblage, light, shadow and humor.  As Nick Cave writes in the introduction of their 2011 book British Rubbish, the art of Tim Noble & Sue Webster needs little explanation: The work stands before us – powerful, potent, funny and… Continue reading Tim Noble & Sue Webster


How can we be more sustainable this festive season?  I’ve put together some friendly advice to help making environmentally sound decisions more convenient for you. First, a couple of great websites for online retail. Next, my 5 top tips for low-impact celebrations.  I encourage you to embrace change as it is inevitable and necessary. The… Continue reading HOLIDAY SPECIAL


 Installation Installation art refers to 3 dimensional art that is site-specific. Often, photography is used to reproduce and represent the installations.  Here, pieces of beach plastic are positioned in a harmonious formation and then photographed.  Washed Ashore – MCC volunteers photo by Nina Clayton, 2018  Toothbrush Army – Nina Clayton, 2018 Floating Blackout – Louise… Continue reading Installation

Mosaic & Weaving

 Mosaic & Weaving The technique used in these artworks is similar to tiling. Mix concrete powder with sand, make wet and lay out a layer as thick as the height of the plastic bottle caps. Make sure the bottle caps are full of concrete as you push them down. This will prevent them from cracking… Continue reading Mosaic & Weaving


Collage  Below are some examples of using the collage technique to raise awareness about plastic pollution. Simply glue the plastic items to a surface, I like to use drift wood. Either paint the surface first of leave it as it is. Experiment with different glues. PVA is flexible but takes longer to dry. Wood contact… Continue reading Collage

My experience, Jason deCaires Taylor & Ocean Quest

Jason deCaires Taylor sculpture at temporary exhibit, Port Canto in Cannes This week’s blogpost is something a bit different. It does not pertain to plastic pollution per se, but rather, is an account of my personal experience. I will talk about my journey as an activist, working with world-renowned artist Jason deCaires Taylor, and finally the… Continue reading My experience, Jason deCaires Taylor & Ocean Quest

Mbongeni Buthelezi

Mbongeni Buthelezi BEING – Mbongeni Buthelezi South African artist Mbongeni Buthelezi is a true pioneer in his medium. He is known for inventing his unique method of ‘plastic painting’, thus using art to educate and raise awareness on wildlife and conservation. Here and here are videos of him, explaining his innovative and clever style.  State… Continue reading Mbongeni Buthelezi

Alejandro Durán

Alejandro Durán For the love of the ocean and all that connects us… Derrame (spill) – Alejandro Durán Alejandro from Mexico transforms international beach trash into aesthetic yet disquieting art, with the goal of waking us up to the danger of plastic pollution. Vena (vein) – Alejandro Durán “Washed Up: Transforming a Trashed Landscape” is his… Continue reading Alejandro Durán