Mosaic & Weaving

 Mosaic & Weaving The technique used in these artworks is similar to tiling. Mix concrete powder with sand, make wet and lay out a layer as thick as the height of the plastic bottle caps. Make sure the bottle caps are full of concrete as you push them down. This will prevent them from cracking… Continue reading Mosaic & Weaving


 Installation Installation art refers to 3 dimensional art that is site-specific. Often, photography is used to reproduce and represent the installations.  Here, pieces of beach plastic are positioned in a harmonious formation and then photographed.  Washed Ashore – MCC volunteers photo by Nina Clayton, 2018  Toothbrush Army – Nina Clayton, 2018 Floating Blackout – Louise… Continue reading Installation

My experience, Jason deCaires Taylor & Ocean Quest

Jason deCaires Taylor sculpture at temporary exhibit, Port Canto in Cannes This week’s blogpost is something a bit different. It does not pertain to plastic pollution per se, but rather, is an account of my personal experience. I will talk about my journey as an activist, working with world-renowned artist Jason deCaires Taylor, and finally the… Continue reading My experience, Jason deCaires Taylor & Ocean Quest

Calder Kamin

  Today’s featured artist is the talented Calder Kamin from Austin, Texas.  Calder Kamin photo from Kamin is an artist, educator and advocate who transforms trash into “beautifully crafted creatures and opportunities to inspire others to be creative and courageous about the future”.   She is motivated to eliminate waste by reimagining it as art.… Continue reading Calder Kamin


BORDALO II  This week’s featured trash artist is an exciting one! Presenting… the one and only BORDALO II from Lisbon, Portugal. Artur Bordalo by Martha Cooper Artur Bordalo has reused over 62 tons of waste materials in his work since 2012.  Chimp Smile – photo by Heron Arts “The excessive production and consumption of stuff,… Continue reading BORDALO II

Washed Ashore

Washed Ashore  Art to Save the Sea Our first ever weekly featured art is from Washed Ashore – Art to save the Sea.  Octavia the Octopus from Based in Oregon, USA, Washed Ashore “builds and exhibits aesthetically powerful art to educate a global audience about plastic pollution in the ocean and waterways and spark positive… Continue reading Washed Ashore

Marine Conservation Cambodia

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil,  but by those who watch them without doing anything.”  Albert Einstein Make art, Not Waste was born under the guidance, support and encouragement of Marine Conservation Cambodia (MCC), notably MCC’s founder Paul Ferber.  MCC is a non-profit marine conservation organisation based in Koh Ach… Continue reading Marine Conservation Cambodia