Tim Noble & Sue Webster

 Tim Noble & Sue Webster  Tim Noble and Sue Webster are London-based artists whose work combines assemblage, light, shadow and humor.  As Nick Cave writes in the introduction of their 2011 book British Rubbish, the art of Tim Noble & Sue Webster needs little explanation: The work stands before us – powerful, potent, funny and… Continue reading Tim Noble & Sue Webster


How can we be more sustainable this festive season?  I’ve put together some friendly advice to help making environmentally sound decisions more convenient for you. First, a couple of great websites for online retail. Next, my 5 top tips for low-impact celebrations.  I encourage you to embrace change as it is inevitable and necessary. The… Continue reading HOLIDAY SPECIAL


Collage  Below are some examples of using the collage technique to raise awareness about plastic pollution. Simply glue the plastic items to a surface, I like to use drift wood. Either paint the surface first of leave it as it is. Experiment with different glues. PVA is flexible but takes longer to dry. Wood contact… Continue reading Collage