Below are some examples of using the collage technique to raise awareness about plastic pollution. Simply glue the plastic items to a surface, I like to use drift wood. Either paint the surface first of leave it as it is. Experiment with different glues. PVA is flexible but takes longer to dry. Wood contact glue works very well but has slightly brownish yellow colour. Super glue is good but can be brittle. See what works best for you. 

As glue is also a type of plastic, you might want to avoid it. In that case, have a look here for some different techniques such as installation art and mosaics. 

Squid Lures – Nina Clayton, 2018 

The Ocean Is Crying
The Ocean is Crying – Nina Clayton 2017

Plastictopus – Nina Clayton 2019

Don't think they will forgive you - Nina Clayton, 2020
Don’t think they will forgive you, Detail  – Nina Clayton, 2020 

Still Crying Phnom Penh 2019 By Nina Clayton
Nina with Ocean Crying II, exhibited in Phnom Penh 

Irrawady Koh Tao 2020 By Nina Clayton
Irrawady – Nina Clayton 2020 

Don’t think they will forgive you – Nina Clayton, 2020 

Turtle plastic Koh Seh 2020 By Nina Clayton
 Plastic Turtle – Nina Clayton 2019

Hang On, MCC Koh Seh, 2018 By Nina Clayton
Hang On – Nina Clayton, 2017

Kingfisher et Squid Koh Phi Phi 2019 By Nina Clayton (plastic collage)
Plastic squid caught by kingfisher – Nina Clayton 2018 

Detail of Squid mural, Koh Phi Phi 2018 By Nina Clayton
Detail, Plastic squid caught by kingfisher – Nina Clayton 2018 
Do you see me now
Visionary – Nina Clayton 2018

Plasticocerous – Nina Clayton 2020

Plastic Nets, MCC Koh Seh 2018 By Nina Clayton
Basket Collage – Nina Clayton, 2018

Squid Lures, MCC Koh Seh 2018 By Nina Clayton
Squid Lures – Nina Clayton, 2018

Next step, put on an exhibition and invite many people! Alternatively, display the artworks in a public space where many people will view them such as a bar, restaurant, the beach, school or office. 

Head over here for more awareness raising artwork made from beach plastic 

Use the space below to share your ideas or artwork. Thanks 🙂 

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