Alejandro Durán

Alejandro Durán

For the love of the ocean and all that connects us…

Derrame (spill) - Alejandro Durán
Derrame (spill) – Alejandro Durán

Alejandro from Mexico transforms international beach trash into
aesthetic yet disquieting art, with the goal of waking us up to the danger of
plastic pollution.

Vena (vein) - Alejandro Durán
Vena (vein) – Alejandro Durán

“Washed Up: Transforming a Trashed Landscape” is his
long-term photography and installation project which explores the difficult cross-over
between humans and nature. 

Brotes (shoots)  - Alejandro Durán
Brotes (shoots)  – Alejandro Durán

He exposes the pervasive impact of consumer culture
on the natural world and engages audiences through community-based artmaking.

Nubes (clouds) - Alejandro Durán
Nubes (clouds) – Alejandro Durán

Alejandro Durán uses art to bring to the fore the current
destruction of our oceans’ ecosystems. 

Algas (algae)  - Alejandro Durán
Algas (algae)  – Alejandro Durán

In his breathtaking TED talk, he shows
how he meticulously organizes and reuses plastic waste from around the world
that washes up on the Caribbean coast of Mexico — everything from water
bottles to prosthetic legs — to create vivid, environmental artworks that may
leave you mesmerized and shocked.

Cocos - coconuts - Alejandro Durán
Cocos (coconuts) – Alejandro Durán

Check out his TED talk here

Gota (drop) - Alejandro Durán
Gota (drop) – Alejandro Durán

As an educator, Durán has taught youth and adult classes in
photography and video at The Museum of Modern Art and The International Center of Photography

Mar (sea) - Alejandro Durán
Mar (sea) – Alejandro Durán

His media production company, Luma Projects, includes
clients such as MoMA, Microsoft, UNICEF, and the Stone Barns Center for Food
and Agriculture.

Raíces (roots) – Alejandro Durán

Durán received a 2019 Creative Capital Award, Art With Me Tulum’s 2018 Social Impact Award, and was Hunter College’s Artist-in-Residence
in 2014-15. 

Viento de Jade (jade wind) - Alejandro Durán
Viento de Jade (jade wind) – Alejandro Durán

His work has been featured at the Mt. Rokko International Photography Festival in Japan, the Fotografie Forum in Germany and Basta con la Plastica, Italy’s first Ocean Awareness Week. 

Amanecer (dawn) - Alejandro Durán
Amanecer (dawn) – Alejandro Durán

“Washed Up” has been published in
National Geographic, Time, and The Huffington Post as well as the books Art
& Ecology Now, Unexpected Art and Photo Viz, among others. –

Alejandro Durán - Luis Cardel
Alejandro Durán – Luis Cardel

Thank you, Alejandro, for all the beautiful images and for your love of the ocean that connects us all. 

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